“READY” & “WIN” Haley Monday READY Wide awake in this new era I am drowning in a sea of new responsibilities. My lungs are ready to breathe fresh air. So even if I’m being swallowed by the high water I won’t stop reaching for the sky.   Able to see the world now I can finally witness the venom that fills up above.. Poisonous gas flies over all of us Yet only few can see that we’re all Slowly being killed.   Screaming against the injustice Even when we’re drowned out by the racket of men in charge. We shout…


Feminazi Haley Monday   I’ve been told to calm down. That yes, my ideas of oppression and sexism are important, but not important enough to be respected at the dinner table.   I’ve been told that mentioning politics can make people upset. That’s it’s annoying that I care for my country too much. That I need to chill.   If I scowl at a offensive joke I’m a party-killer. I’m too serious.   I’ve been told to be careful. That if I speak too loud my opinions could be heard.   I’ve been told to shut-up. To quiet down. To…


Wrinkles Haley Monday feeling blue but told to smile. by my mother who reminded me that i’ll get wrinkles. not when i was a pre-teen not now when i’m seventeen but when i’m married, when i’m older, exhausted, and no longer as pretty. when i’ve delivered loyalty to my husband and children.   wrinkles will make him want to cheat on you.   guy advice on how to score. girl advice on how not to have him leave you for being yourself. my mother gives me advice on how to climb the corporate ladder by piggybacking on my boyfriend’s success….

It Goes Both Ways

It Goes Both Ways a poem by Haley Monday She said stop. She said no. Just because you want this doesn’t mean she does, so go. Please yourself if you have to but don’t touch her. A woman with her own mind doesn’t have the time to think about you and your “needs”. So please, bark up another tree. He said stop. He said no. just because you want this doesn’t mean he does so go. Please yourself if you have to but don’t touch him. A man with his own mind doesn’t have the time to think about you…

Counting to Eleven

Counting to Eleven, a short poem by Haley Monday.   I let out a stifled sob. Next to the garbage can, I let tears fall. Holding my hand over my mouth. I try to keep it quiet. Both my feet on the ground, But my thoughts seem to be in the sky. Replaying events like a montage, I feel a black hole in my chest. My heart hurts as if acid had been poured in it. Wanting to blend into the darkness, I huddled to the shadows. Wanting to collapse, But instead I count To eleven, And go back inside.


Moon a poem by Haley Monday   Sometimes I stare at the moon. Watching as it just starts to loom above the clouds. The white glow against the dark sky. There it is floating up high.   My head is reeled back so far, eyes staring at the stars, that it just pops off. Like fourth of july fireworks. Rolling off my back. It makes a loud crack.   Stunned but my body still stands While my head lays there. The smell of dirt digs into my nose. But all that doesn’t bother me Because I can still see.  …

3:30 A.M. Thoughts

3:30 A.M Thoughts a weird poem by Haley Monday   I can’t afford a therapist, And I don’t think I need one. But I would like a listener.   My ceiling is boring and half assed. I’d rather be looking at the stars outside. Feeling the cold earth under my reddened toes.   My eyes are open. Brown and hazy, But not alive.   Feeling like soup. I want to swirl down a drain, But I don’t want to get lost in the sewer pipes.   Can’t seem to stretch my toes far enough, Can’t seem to pull my hair…

Be True To You

Be True to You Written by Haley Monday Creative Writing Exist loudly. Speak proudly. When you fail, do it spectacularly.   Bake your lovers a cake. And if they don’t like it, let your heart ache. Don’t let your happiness be faked.   Let yourself feel, Only then can you heal. Let yourself know that emotions are real.   Learn how to win. Love your own skin. And never stop your face from creating a grin.   Be true to you! Let that be your breakthrough. And if you need a permanent reminder, get yourself a tattoo.


Artwork by Claire Smith Illustrative “Better Together” HAIR Written by Haley Monday Creative Writing Big hair, shiny hair and soft hair, straight hair or curly hair, brown hair, braided hair, blonde, black and red hair, short hair, long hair, tangled hair, thin hair and thick hair, dyed hair, pinned hair, loose hair, fake hair, permed hair and gray hair. No hair. It’s all beautiful. It’s all you.

They Say Bluebirds Offer Hope

  They Say Bluebirds Offer Hope Written by Alyssa Diamond Creative Writing hope arrives when the heart is heaviest blue with melancholy and doubt dragging its wings through the flood waters its existence submerged with lungs full of ocean and ozone blue is the color of sorrow, mourning, and the rain it is also the color of the sky and hope never forgets flight never forgets the sky even underwater hope arrives when the heart is heaviest and offers its waterlogged wings