Grounded Alyssa Diamond The summer of 2017, I visited a 1900’s ghost town; a Dust Bowl remnant where the sky hangs heavy and dirt clouds its residents’ eyes. A town haunted by a silence that spoke. The rumble of old engines passed here and there, a clock tower rang on the hour, a lawnmower started— sleepy, domestic. It had been a long time since this town had put its grandeur to rest. I heard a meow behind me. A family of strays stood near a puddle contaminated with oil. I shooed the cats when they tried to drink from it,…

Phoenix Reborn

Phoenix Reborn Alyssa Diamond A few nights ago the sun painted the sky a dying orange. I watched a phoenix dissipate in the hot summer air; its feathers nothing but tendrils of black smoke and rising embers from flame. I smelled burnt ozone for days after. The scent seared into my senses- my thoughts went back to you and how you never forgot the taste of the sky. Even when your wings were reduced to ashes. You never forgot flight. Neither did I. However, the self is not something a match can be taken to. Should your past burn, your…

The Bones Beneath

The Bones Beneath Alyssa Diamond Tonight I am laying to rest all the things I could’ve been. Tonight I am burying their bones beneath tilled earth and rising to brush the grave soil from my skin to kiss their ghosts goodbye. I am letting the white-silver wisps of them slip through my fingers because this time, I understand the past and the dead are gone. Tonight I am watching flowers bloom in a garden of bones. Tonight I am waking all the things I can become.

They Say Bluebirds Offer Hope

  They Say Bluebirds Offer Hope Written by Alyssa Diamond Creative Writing hope arrives when the heart is heaviest blue with melancholy and doubt dragging its wings through the flood waters its existence submerged with lungs full of ocean and ozone blue is the color of sorrow, mourning, and the rain it is also the color of the sky and hope never forgets flight never forgets the sky even underwater hope arrives when the heart is heaviest and offers its waterlogged wings