Who We Are



YouGoGirl is an online publication dedicated to promoting female empowerment, political actuality, educational autonomy, and exploration of personal and social identity. These four pillars translate into the creative and professional art and writing constructed by YGG’s wonderful team of young women- most of which are located in the Oklahoma City area. Our interns publish new articles and pieces on a frequent basis, constantly updating and releasing new information to the public. A monthly feature will be released on the first of every month that highlights key themes and components of modern issues. Over 40 proud, young women constitute the YouGoGirl internship, bringing you writing, visual art, and performance art capable of transforming Oklahoma into a home that’s better than “OK”.


Female Empowerment

  • The active promotion of women of all races, nationalities, gender expression, and sexual orientation

Political Actuality

  • The bi-partisan presentation of politics, rather than extreme left or right sentiment, and actively emphasizing the effects of all political decisions

Promoting Educational Autonomy

  • Encouraging youth exploration in all educational fields and making resources available for young women to assert control and confidence in the navigation of their own educational landscape

Exploring Personal & Social Identity

  • Highlighting the existence of an OKC LGBTQ+ community and strong female presence in a male-dominated, conservative society
  • Challenging the traditional roles of women as determined by the definition of Oklahoma as a “Red State”



2017-10-27 (6).png


New Phototastic Collage_LI

2017-10-27 (5).png







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