Haley Monday


Wide awake in this new era

I am drowning in a sea of new responsibilities.

My lungs are ready to breathe fresh air.

So even if I’m being swallowed by the high water

I won’t stop reaching for the sky.


Able to see the world now

I can finally witness the venom that fills up above..

Poisonous gas flies over all of us

Yet only few can see that we’re all

Slowly being killed.


Screaming against the injustice

Even when we’re drowned out

by the racket of men in charge.

We shout because we know one soul has to hear.

And when they do, they will scream with us.


Stand up even

when your legs are throbbing

Keep walking

even though there’s glass on the floor

Continue fighting

even if you can’t take no more.


Make a change

it starts with action.

Be the cause

of a new world.

Start the riots

in order to speak our words


Be yourself

in the struggling process

Don’t hide

behind the mask of media

Show the truth

of why we are marching.


Be you in order to make a change.


Stand up. Win.


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