Haley Monday


I’ve been told to calm down.

That yes, my ideas of oppression and sexism are important,

but not important enough to be respected at the dinner table.


I’ve been told that mentioning politics can make people upset.

That’s it’s annoying that I care for my country too much.

That I need to chill.


If I scowl at a offensive joke

I’m a party-killer.

I’m too serious.


I’ve been told to be careful.

That if I speak too loud

my opinions could be heard.


I’ve been told to shut-up.

To quiet down.

To quit.




I will not apologize for using my voice.

I will not allow for others to tape my mouth shut.

And no longer will I stand for the bullshit people say.


I will protect my views

and not rephrase the words I say

Because I mean them.


Because I find this important.

I find politics important.

I believe movements are important.


And if I hear the word feminazi one more time I will

respectfully tell you where to

stick it.


I will not calm down.

I will not chill. I will speak

because this is serious.


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