Love & I Once Was an Eagle

“Love” & “I Once Was an Eagle”

Abby Pace


Heat envelops

Bright translucent rays come

You’re my sun


I Once Was an Eagle

I was an eagle

A creature who flew with the wind

The sway of the trees was my guide

The stillness of creation signaling me when to stop

With wings made of muscles that propelled me forward

Then there you were, admiring my elegance and beauty

The way I would swoop to the river, just barely grazing above the water

You slept to the tune of my call with its distinctness of joy

You loathed the freedom of the sky that I was so enveloped in

You wanted to leave so badly, you wanted so much to break free

But you could not

Instead, you took what you couldn’t have

Put me in your cage, shut tight with screeching metal sounds

You made sure I would never feel free or strong again.

I once was my own

I once was an eagle

Now, I’m your eagle


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