Building Repairs of Natural Disasters

Building Repairs of Natural Disasters

Abby Pace
It seems my body has betrayed my mind and has decided to reveal my true outlines
My mind made sure its doors didn’t lead to locked rooms and hidden hallways
it stayed behind the scenes to make sure I give nothing away; at least until it met you.

the walls of my body that were once smooth became decorated with lines
they spread thin to reveal the dark wooden surface that fills my space
the paint of my skin has allowed its crumbling and thin foundation to seep through

smell of human overthrown by the smell of dust that’s been left to hide the signs
No matter how much I try to scrub away my loathing secrets, they just will not erase
words that tell my stories crawl and slither out my stomach and through my mouth too

You were the magic code that allowed me to show my scars and those deep declines.
The broken yet hidden parts of my bones that had been left alone had found its brace
Then the light that was died. The curtains were shut from you, giving me a clue.

I realized that you weren’t my medicine but the toxin that ran the bases of declines
One after another you ran, faking the care you thought you gave me with such grace
You were supposed to repair me, but instead you added to what was already askew

You took its foundation and left your prints- unmasking me as apart of your sidelines
Having no intention to damage but to meet your needs; congrats, I am out of place.
It’ll take multitudes of natural disasters to break me down to my core,
To allow me to understand the wreckage
To figure myself out and be able to be put back together
But with the wind pushing me forward to heal and the rain washing over me
You will be left a scar, no longer a bruise and I will be beginning anew

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