Nothing & Professional Protester


Abby Pace

it Is the absence of something

Ask me what’s amiss

I’ll reply with nothing
But the Translation is this
There’s something missing

for a while it was just a feeling

I didn’t know what had been displaced
Someone saw through the veiling

There they found what was misplaced

The confidence I once had is long gone away

It let me walk in the halls alone- which at one point was a thing

What didn’t have me checking each way
What allowed me to be ok at a new place without haste
This little thing has such an effect on me- I’m in such a disarray

But I can’t tell if it’s because of who took it or not knowing how to get it back

Professional Protester

Abby Pace

For Halloween one year I dressed up as a professional protester
I have always been enchanted by the strength of a wrestler
The 60’s of fight for the right is my motivator

You see me as the fighter
To fight the little things is my choice
So when big things come..I’m ready with a stance.

You hear me as the shouter
I’ll make sure you can hear my voice,
to make up for those times I was in a trance

I’m for those who can’t be
The dreamers, the loners, lovers, animals, the women,  and even a tree
to stand with these beautiful creations is what I do as me
so whether or not you seem to agree
You can join or you can sit back and see

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