a poem by Haley Monday


Sometimes I stare at the moon.

Watching as it just starts to loom

above the clouds.

The white glow against

the dark sky.

There it is floating up high.


My head is reeled back so far,

eyes staring at the stars,

that it just pops off.

Like fourth of july fireworks.

Rolling off my back.

It makes a loud crack.


Stunned but my body still stands

While my head lays there.

The smell of dirt

digs into my nose.

But all that doesn’t bother me

Because I can still see.


The moon.

Even after I’ve faced my doom.

It’s up glowing

A white light on my skin.

It shines there in all its glory.

So I have not one worry.

“When I wrote this, initially, I had no idea exactly what I wanted to write about or what it would mean but sometimes I get “feelings” and I write really weird poems when I’m in those feelings.  I realized after writing and finishing the entire piece that it’s obviously about me and my emotions, but the moon represents the constant/ positive part of my life that I always admire. So things like my family, friends, passions, stuff like that.  So I guess this poem is how even when I feel so messed up, crazy, or like my head’s about to fall off, I always have a constant in my life that I can look to even when I feel my worst. So in this poem, the moon is that constant that I can look up to when I am at my breaking point. It doesn’t put me back together, but gives me hope that I will be okay.”

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