Poems from a Girl in Contemplation


You, Me, Reality, and a Girl I Couldn’t Face

Written by Abby Pace

Creative Writing

Last night you came in crying

The sadness that poured out like a monsoon

Each shudder of your shoulders getting lower and deeper

They just couldn’t hold the pain; couldn’t bear the weight

I cried with you-but in a different room


I wanted to go to you

To just be there and listen

-I’ve been there crying and sobbing

I had begged and wished someone would come

And you did; sometimes you even stayed despite me telling you to go


I wondered what was the cause

What pushed and pushed

I felt the heartache of whatever it was

I felt it and knew it


I’m sorry that I didn’t go in there

That I didn’t sit there with you

But when you came in last night

You weren’t the only one crying


The one of sunshine and color was no longer in that room

Instead, a girl who had pain I couldn’t take away

I wasn’t able to will myself to go in there

I didn’t want to see who had replaced the color with such gloom

I couldn’t watch the body that was slowly deteriorating as time passed

Ultimately, above all- I didn’t want what once was to meet my reality

The Search Inside 

My soul

search inside

To name it
to find it

I pick , I dig
through layers

Hoping I find
But there in between

Is there, the filler
That isn’t clean

This feeling

I search inside

I find
What I fear

That isn’t clear

Oh how did I
Get here


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