The American Government Needs to Go Green

The American Government Needs To Go Green

Written by Allison Anker


Global warming is a real threat that is growing everyday. Man-made pollution and other contaminants are invading our atmosphere, killing species, and raising global temperatures every single day. With a problem so real and aggressive, one might naturally assume our government is actively working to find a solution, but that couldn’t be farther from the case. Our government has decided to weaken environmental policies and pull out of some agreements that were in place to better the Earth, effectively reversing actions taken by prior legislature.

One of President Trump’s most notable actions as POTUS is pulling the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation. He did this under the claim that the agreement would “undermine the economy” and “puts the U.S. at a permanent disadvantage.” Facts to support this claim have yet to be provided, but the facts as to what this agreement was working to do are simple. The agreement had three missions: to hold the increase in global average temperatures to no more than two degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels, increase the world’s ability to cope with the effects of climate change, and make financial flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development. Basically, this agreement looked to better the Earth’s ability to reverse and handle effects of climate change. This agreement worked to better our nation, but Trump saw fit to pull the US out of this agreement because it didn’t match with his vision of what America should be and the countless promises he made to coal miners to bring back their jobs.

Coal mining has been a staple of the Appalachian states’ economies since settlement and erasing all jobs is a drastic stroke that would leave thousands of people on the brink of poverty. This action has not been proposed in efforts of limiting climate change, but is rumored due to the distortion of the left’s views by the media. Simply put, we just want cleaner methods of harnessing and using coal to be found. This will reduce air pollution and ultimately lead to a nation less reliant on fossil fuels and more reliant on sustainable energy. We wouldn’t be taking away jobs, just modifying them to make the Earth a cleaner place. As soon as someone can come up with a valid argument as to why the Earth shouldn’t be cleaner, I’ll be the first to listen, but until then steps must be taken to lessen our environmental footstep, something the government can play a role in. By putting money into education, they could help send kids to college where they can study STEM fields and learn how to better our nation. By putting money into our infrastructure, we can refurbish dying industries into those of the future, and employ thousands in doing so.

“Going green” is such a vague term, as it can mean everything from recycling that piece of paper once you are done with it to completely revamping American infrastructure. Every person can take little steps towards lessening their environmental footprint — our government has the resources and power to take massive steps towards bettering the Earth as a whole, and if none are taken, it won’t be long before America doesn’t even need a president because everyone is dead from long-lasting heat waves, bitter winters, or another natural disaster that are slowly becoming more and more frequent. As a young person of a nation I am proud to be a part of, this is my plea.

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