Word Challenge

Photograph by Chloe Richards

Film Photography

“Thank a Veteran”


Written by Caroline Slay

From the Mouth

Special thanks to Caroline Slay from everyone at YouGoGirl, her work has incredibly facilitated the process of bringing all our ladies talent and pieces to the public.

Ah, words. They have a lot of power. They can transport us to fictional places and times when read in a story, help us communicate with each other, lift us up when spoken kindly, and much more. Words are certainly one of the most powerful capabilities of humans, if not the most powerful. I don’t have enough fingers to count on my hands the number of times words have made me feel incredibly valued…but I also probably don’t have enough to count the number of times they have made me feel less than that. Words are unique in that they leave a lasting impression on how we think about and perceive ourselves and those around us, so it is important to speak kindly and with purpose. Many times I have been in a position where a word of encouragement was exactly what I needed to keep going through the day. I’m so thankful for the people in my life that never fail to remind me that they care about me and appreciate me. Since it is November and Thanksgiving will be here, I thought it might be fun to create a YouGoGirl challenge that explores the relationship between words and gratitude. We invite you to take some time this month to consider your gratitude for how someone’s words have impacted your life for the better, and if you are so inclined, comment below! We would love to share in your experiences. I’ll start.

  1. “You are the most compassionate person I know.”
  2. “You are incredibly hardworking.”
  3. “I’m proud of you.”
  4. “I’m grateful for you.”
  5. “You inspire me to be better.”


In closing, on behalf of the YouGoGirl Oklahoma team, we would like to express our sincere and genuine appreciation for your interest in and dedication to our mission. This blog and all that comes along with it would not be possible without the support of so many lovely people. We hope that we have created a comfortable space here, where all opinions are respected and valued. We are so excited to share our stories with you, and we hope that you will share yours as well. November 1st is here!

with love and gratitude,


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