Artwork by Maria Deloera


“Power to Her”


Written by Julia Johnson

Creative Writing

Skeletal fingers digging into sweet earth,
Uprooting flowers fit to bloom.
Hidden behind tweed and smoky grins,
Stay away from the men who look too long.
I am sick of running from stinging questions.
I am sick of confronting another man, another lingering nightmare.
I am sick, but they are sicker.
Pulled behind corners, eyes behind shades,
I can smell hypocritical breath,
fingers swirled in drinks,
and fear of walking in the dark.
No matter how fast I swim, their inner tubes catch up.
No matter how planted I stand, their arms move me away.
I am angry, but they are angrier.
Wash doubt off shoulders and listen,
For we speak louder than ever before.
Skin may sting but it should not be hidden
From men with lousy excuses and attitudes.
Fists balled up, we will hit back.
Never have we been theirs for the taking.
They are strong, but We Are Stronger.

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