Photograph by Alice Fall

“Above Ground”


Written by Ashley Jang

Creative Writing

Special thanks from the YGG Team to Ashley Jang, writing editor, for her amazing performance in the publication.

Tell me about the man who lives underground.

Tell me his story. Why is he underground? Why does he stay? Why doesn’t he fight?

Tell me about his touch. The way his fingers graze the walls, no longer holding resistance in his fingerprints. His broken nails, caked with dirt.

Tell me about the light. The light that slips in through the top of the manhole. The light that teases him and urges him to push. The light that also leaves him to give up.

Tell me about the song. The song that echoes through the roots of the trees and the metal of the drains. The raspy song that grows and grows, sprouting from his mouth and spreading through the depths of his world. The song that sings,

Tell me about the woman who lives aboveground.

Why does she feel just as alone as the man who lives underground?

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