A Growing Weed

A Growing Weed

Artwork by Haley Monday

Written by Haley Monday

Creative Writing

Make yourself at home in my empty shell,

replace my cobwebs

and empty corners

with your things and thoughts.

Arrange them, replace them, cherish them,

I will keep them safe.

Rebuild yourself, reinvent yourself, relieve yourself,

I will rent you my place.


Grow yourself and fill my core to its brim.

I’ll keep you sane,

just please…

please promise to do the same.


I’m spilling I’m spilling, I’m spilling.


you’re taking too much space.


Stealing the air from my lungs,

You’re beginning to overrun

You know I can’t heal my pain on my own

but I promised to hold you

and I’m not a liar.       

Too small, too cold, too lost

I can’t tell which pain belongs to you or me,

but you’re hurting..

so I’ll carry it anyways.


My emotions are boxed away,

And I’ve dried my sweet tears

To make room for your misery   

And I’ve become blind,

too blind to see that you’re a weed growing out of me.

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