Amidst a Storm

Artwork by Maria Deloera



“Amidst A Storm”

Written by Allis Sells

Creative Writing

The storm outside wreaks havoc on the land like your words left me dangling  off the edge of “what I could have done”. My chest heaves along with the same rhythm of thundering sounds that rattle the cold, wet earth.  And soon enough the sky will split open, and my heart will shatter as the lightning brightly strikes.  In my head he wanted me— the beautiful breeze in the spring, not the wild winds of the sea.  Even with the feeling of unrequited love weighing heavily on my soul, I will no longer cry.  I will no longer allow myself to be the downpour of this storm, because I deserve so much more happiness.  I deserve to feel the warm embrace of the sun enveloping my heart in ways that you did not offer. Nevertheless, you, my dear, do not deserve another thing of mine to fall for you.  So in the midst of this tempest, not one single tear will stray from my wide eyes.

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